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stay_inspired's Journal

A community to bring out the best in all of us.
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Welcome to stay_inspired!
At stay_inspired, you'll find weekly or bi-weekly inspirational posts to keep your creative juices flowing. Each "fest" post will include ways for you to earn points, discussion threads, and other suggestions to keep you performing at your best.
What mediums?
Any medium is allowed at stay_inspired. The goal isn't to create a specific type of work - the goal is to utilize the tools provided to you to push you in whatever area you find yourself most inspired, be it graphics, fics, or anything in between.
Should I join?
Those interested can join as a member and tally points, or they can participate as a guest. Guests do not accumulate points until they apply to join the community. Any events done previously will not count towards a member's score. We ask that members participate at least once per month.
Who can join?
Anyone is welcome to apply as a member at stay_inspired. Regardless of your medium of choice or level of experience, everyone is welcome to participate. It keeps you challenged and developing as an author or artist!
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